Follow Up on the Recent Proposal of Unity between Illian and Dragonsworn

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Follow Up on the Recent Proposal of Unity between Illian and Dragonsworn

Post by Atienne » Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:47 pm

In light of recent events, it has been thoroughly demonstrated to Illian that the Dragonsworn do not intend to respect their agreements.

The Council of Nine knows that peace in the south is tantamount to unity, and as a result made an attempt to mediate a resolution between Mayene and the Dragonsworn. An initial inquiry was not even dignified with a response. After repeated attempts to contact their commanders, the Dragonsworn agreed to a 24-hour armistice. The Dragonsworn broke the armistice, unprovoked, within an hour of the agreement, after opening a gateway into Mayene and attacking Lord Santino du Lis.

Other incidents include warranted individuals attempting to seek asylum in Illian and self-proclaimed male channelers entering Illianer territory. This is contrary to the Proposal of Unity. The Illian Port Authority also has suspicion to believe that the Dragonsworn have been operating vessels within Illianer waters, contrary to a recent posting regarding the closure of the Port of Illian to unauthorized vessels.

The Council of Nine and Illian have been very patient with the Dragonsworn. We have made several attempts to restore peace in the south. Unfortunately, it seems that the Dragonsworn prefer to kill innocent men, rather than preserve the peace.

Therefore, on this day, Illian and the Council of Nine hereby declares that the Dragonsworn are in breach of the Proposal of Unity between Illian and Dragonsworn. Illian reserves the right to terminate the agreement, and is exercising her right to do so. Henceforth, the Dragonsworn are banished from Illian under threat of warrant and death.