A rejection of extortion [An answer to War declared by Dragonsworn]

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A rejection of extortion [An answer to War declared by Dragonsworn]

Post by Naomi » Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:56 pm

The Dragonsworn ask for "Unity", but demand the resources of a nation be put at their disposal under threat of arms. The nation of Mayene will never submit to tyranny or threat of force by any nation, regime, or ragged band of dogmatic zealots.

The Council of the Seconds of Mayene, along with the approval of the First of Mayene, have put forth a declaration of war against the Dragonsworn.

Pool 1:
- A hostage, of Mayene's choosing, to be held within Mayene for the time period defined by the rules of war.
- Addition of a Winged Guard patrol within Jehennah to oversee the actions of the Dragonsworn.
- A Embassy in the city of Jehennah, to guide and aid Masema.

Pool 2:
- A member of the Council of the Seconds of Mayene to serve as an advisor role to Masema, to ensure such mistakes do not happen again.
- The Manor of the Dragonsworn, which is where such nefarious plots of extortion and war began, to be made public access to ensure no amassing of weapons or threats to Mayene are occuring.
- 20,000 gold in the clan coffers.

Should the leadership of the Dragonsworn wish to end this war peacefully, Mayene is not without reason and will listen to their request for peace with due respect.

Stamped with the seal of the Seconds of Mayene

Naomi sur Mardukis, Second of Mayene
Lord Santino du Lis, General of Mayene
Theq Specter, Winged Guard of Mayene
Raek, Winged Guard of Mayene