oh nooos, i'm scared!!

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oh nooos, i'm scared!!

Post by corath » Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:02 pm

Castien, our most esteemed Knight Bachelier found a rather scary, if poorly written, letter in our good city of Maradon today.

it stated;
"Kandor shall never bow to the tyranny of Saldaea.
Corath and his henchmen hold no power in Chachin!
Any Cavalryman caught in Kandor will suffer the penalty of death!"

oh no, what am i to do!!! my tyranny will get me killed!!!!!

To whoever wants to bring death to the Cavalry, please, pick a time and place and i'll meet my fate head on like I've done hundreds of times before against a lot scarier than the likes of you. show yerself you coward.

Lord Corath E'Real
Baron of the West