A Poorly Written Notice

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A Poorly Written Notice

Post by Dory » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:46 pm

Dory scribbles on a large piece of parchment, frowning. ‘Oh, I’ll never get this perfect. Just take it as it is and please hang it up for all to see.’

Dory winks at Neela, ‘But, if anyone asks, tell the Teadra wrote it!’

Dory hands Neela a tattered and wrinkled parchment. Upon it, in large block letters, is written…
The Women’s Circle has decided that we might be able to take on an apprentice or two to help poor Neela with her chores. Oh! And to learn to do all Wisdomy things too!

If you are lovely and helpful and kind and want to learn more, please write us a letter of applicashun. Applicashuns will be taken for the next fourteen days. Applicashuns or qurestions about our clanning processeses can be directed to Dory, Annalyn or Nya.