The brothers Sa'Ran

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The brothers Sa'Ran

Post by Gerath » Fri Apr 17, 2020 12:45 am

Gerath says 'A HEM!'

Wynd cuddles Gerath.

Wynd sits down and rests.

Avail grins evilly.

Wynd draws a dagger of green jade from a camouflaged hood with a flash of steel.

Gerath pulls out his small guitar and tests a few strings to check his tuning ‘Let me sing to you about the brothers of Sa’Ran’

Wynd twirls a dagger through his fingers.

Rentris whispers something to Avail.

Gerath smiles and begins a cheery riff before singing ‘Come one, come all! Gather round! It’s time to sing about the legends abound!’

Marley has arrived from the north.

Gerath starts his chorus ‘Run or fight, do what you can! But know you can’t beat the brothers Sa’Ran!’

Wynd grins quietly and passes around some ale.

Rentris chuckles politely.

Rentris drinks light ale from a leather water flask.

Gerath mocks running before continuing his song ‘Rentris the brave, a blademaster grown. A dangerous man, Two rivers his home.’

Gerath strums his guitar continuing ‘His brother Avail, is dangerous as well. Both men are crazy, some stories tell.’

Rentris chuckles politely.

Gerath sings ‘A war had broken out, Red Eagle banner held high. With Rentris and Avail, many troops would soon die.’

Marley sits down and rests.

Gerath sings his chorus ‘Run or fight, do what you can! But you know you can’t beat the brothers Sa’Ran!’

Gerath picks the melody back up ‘Why would Pedron Naill sound his battle horns against the farmers of brambles and thorns?’

Gerath jams out some notes ‘Whatever the reason, he was not prepared, for the damage the Eagles and Sa’Ran brothers shared.’

Marley stops resting, and clambers on her feet.

Gerath repeats his chorus ‘Run or fight, do what you can! But you know you can’t beat the brothers Sa’Ran!’

The Caemlyn cityguard has arrived from the south.

Gerath flips backwards head over heels, landing back in position and sings ‘The battle was a stalemate, neither side much a victor. Pedron Naill tried to act, but the Sa’Rans acted quicker.’

Gerath grins while singing ‘The Sa’Ran brothers, crazy as can be, they snuck in at night to the Child of the Light keep!’

Gerath singing, eyes wild ‘Rentris and Avail, rushed through the halls. Found Pedron’s office, they pissed on his walls!’

Avail snickers softly.

Rentris throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Leis chuckles politely.

Gerath laughs while singing ‘Naill walked in on the brothers while doing their deed. The brothers grabbed him, and sure made him bleed!’

Wynd cackles and pokes Lord Rentris to pass the bottle back.

Rentris gives a leather water flask to Wynd.

Gerath finishes the last verse ‘The battle continued, but this story’s done. No war could contain the Sa’Ran brother’s fun!’

Wynd drinks light ale from a leather water flask.

Wynd smiles happily.

Gerath plays his ending chorus ‘Run don’t fight, do what you can! Nothing can stop the brothers Sa’Ran!’

Wynd gives a leather water flask to Rentris.

Gerath finishes with a melodious tune, holding his arms out in an elegant bow.

Rentris grins at Gerath.

Leis explodes with whistles and cheers.

Rentris applauds Gerath.

Avail claps approvingly.

Wynd applauds Gerath.

Marley smiles at Gerath.

Rentris claps Gerath on the back.

Wynd stops resting, and clambers on his feet.

Gerath says 'drinks on the Red Eagles!'

Wynd cheers Gerath on loudly.

Rentris says 'well done, Gleeplicant'

Avail chuckles politely.

Marley leaves south.

Leis says 'As always Sir Jabberplant, very entertaining.'

Leis weaves her hands, creating a hearty meal in the process.

Wynd giggles.