A Gleeplicant glee's for his life!

... great tales of bravery, treaty announcements, marriages, events, statements of intent, stories, poems, song, rhyme, essays.... and any other announcements.
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A Gleeplicant glee's for his life!

Post by Murdo » Mon Apr 27, 2020 12:55 am

Boboliosie narrates 'I traded your life for a story gleeman, make it a good one :)'

Murdo narrates 'ok'

Murdo narrates 'I dont know how to narrate it hang on a sec'

Boboliosie narrates 'i'm tempted to just stab you again'

Thom Merrilin narrates 'you'd better figure it out quick'

Murdo narrates 'spreads his arms wide, grins and begins to speak'

Wynd narrates 'Thom!'

Murdo narrates ''A man walked into a tavern in Tear one day with a huge, scaled waterlizard under his arm!''

Boboliosie narrates 'he's gleeing for his life Thom'

Murdo narrates ''He marched up to the bar, set the waterlizard down on it and shouted out to the amazed patrons...''

Murdo narrates ''Roll-up, Roll-up and place your bets here!' He cried.'

Murdo narrates ''The man wagered a gold crown that he could place his manhood inside the waterlizard's jaws and NOT have it BITTEN OFF!''

Murdo narrates ''The tavern goers thought he was CRAZY and they felt sure they would win the bet so, one by one, they all stacked up their coins in front of the man''

Murdo narrates ''The man gave a command and the waterlizard immediately opened its jaws wide, displaying a frightening array of razor sharp teeth!''

Divya chats 'I'm really into this story rn.'

Divya chats 'good call bobo'

Boboliosie chats 'we'

Murdo narrates ''Without delay, the man dropped his pants and gently placed his manhood gently into the waterlizard's waiting mouth!''

Boboliosie chats 'we'

Boboliosie chats 'omg, we'

Boboliosie chats 'my gd finger is fing up'

Murdo narrates ''Without fear, the man then drew up a stick from his belt and bought it down HARD on the waterlizard's head!''

Boboliosie chats 'we will see if its worth his life, '

Murdo narrates ''AMAZINGLY the waterlizard didn't move so the man removed his manhood unscathed and pulled up his pants completely unharmed!''

Murdo narrates 'The man collected his winnings but before he put the coins in his pocket he offered the tavern patrons a chance to win their money BACK.'

Murdo narrates ''He cried, 'If anyone here takes a turn then I will give them ALL these gold coins!''

Murdo narrates ''The man looked around the audience to see if anyone was brave enough but they all shook their heads...!''

Murdo narrates ''Eventually however, one hand went up in the back of the tavern! So the crowd made way for the bold customer.''

Murdo narrates 'V'

Murdo narrates 'A little old lady shuffled forwards!''

Murdo narrates ''In quavering voice she said,'I'll have a go Sir...as long as you promise not to hit me so hard with the stick!!!''

Divya narrates 'oh my god.'

Murdo narrates 'cackle'

Lexi narrates 'hahhaa'

Murdo narrates 'i got the pk shakes from a story'

Murdo narrates 'thats WRONG!'

Murdo narrates 'My life is saved!'

Murdo narrates 'by the glee and the grace of Bobo'

Murdo narrates 'I hope Thom enjoyed my ribald tale'

Murdo narrates 'did anyone log that'

Basel Gill says 'Aye. I did!'

Wynd grins at Murdo.

Wynd throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Murdo narrates 'cash for anyone who logged it'

Basel Gill says 'Was a good tale, Murdo.'

Wynd claps Basel Gill on the back.

Wynd flourishes grandly.

Basel Gill claps Murdo on the back.

Murdo says 'you did!!!!'

Cordelia gets a cup of thready brown tea from a soft leather pouch.

Cordelia gets a cup of thready brown tea from a soft leather pouch.

Murdo says 'thank basel'

Cordelia puts a cup of thready brown tea in a soft leather pouch.

Basel Gill puts a cup of thready brown tea away for Cordelia.

Basel Gill puts a cup of thready brown tea away for Cordelia.

Wynd sends Basel Gill across the dancefloor.

Murdo says 'if you could send it to me that would be amazing basel'

Murdo says 'im still shaking'

Murdo says 'that was fun'

Wynd says 'Basel, do you know why gleeman have donkey's instead of ponies?'

Basel Gill says 'My cat likes a good tale so I will retell it to her later.'

Murdo gets a ruby-set bracelet from a small purse.

Basel Gill shrugs helplessly.

Murdo gives a ruby-set bracelet to Wynd.

Wynd says 'The ponies were feeling a little horse'

Murdo gets an ivy bracelet from a small purse.

Basel Gill rolls his eyes...sheesh!..

Wynd coughs loudly.

Murdo gives an ivy bracelet to Wynd.

Murdo gets a pendant of crimson-flecked quartz from a small purse.

Wynd pulls on his collar a bit and sweats

Murdo gives a pendant of crimson-flecked quartz to Wynd.

Wynd says 'Sheesh'