Posters Everywhere bearing a Golden Hawk

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Posters Everywhere bearing a Golden Hawk

Post by Aldwyn » Fri May 01, 2020 4:25 pm

Aldwyn looked at the notice as he nailed it to the door.

"Seeking adventure? A place to call home? A family to have your back? Or even just a quiet place to while away your days?
All of these and more could be yours. Simply send a letter to the Winged Guard of Mayene, we're open for recruitment!"

He smiled to himself before he heard the footsteps, looking over as an Aes Sedai came walking down the corridor towards him.
She had a stern look on her face and began to berate him, "What are you doing?! You are not supposed to be here! These are the
novice quarters!"

He gave her a smile and an apologetic shrug before dashing around a corner, more of his posters flying into the air as he did. The
Aes Sedai looked around the corner, but he was gone. She caught one of the posters and read it, muttering to herself. She glanced
out of a nearby window and could see these posters were everywhere throughout the city. She shook her head and made a mental
note to have a Gray go speak to Mayene about this.

Similar scenes played out in nations and towns throughout the lands.

Winged Guard are recruiting. You can apply by mailing me or the Winged Guard.
Requirements to apply:
Level 20
Good standing with other nations
Be respectful
Be willing to learn