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A troubling report

Posted: Sat May 09, 2020 4:44 pm
by Voices of the Wheel
Captain Rodrivar studied the report for a third time. The details provided by Lieutenant Melat were disturbing, men posing as Tairen soldiers encamped in the mirk and details of the city’s key defenses mapped out in the encampment. Their allegiance remained unclear but the this was clearly a threat to the city and the Stone.

Captain Rodrivar yelled through the office door and a young man came running in.

“Yes, Captain” he said quickly saluting.

“Do you know the mirk well?” Rodrivar asked.

The man quickly nodded.

“Good. You will stand watch by the entrance to the encampment.” Rodrivar said puling out a map to mark the location.

“Take the map and report back if anyone tries to enter the trail. Dismissed.” Rodrivar finished.

The young man quickly saluted, grabbed the map, and disappeared out the door.

Rodrivar picked up a map of the city and began looking over the areas highlighted as weaknesses.

A scout like the gap scout is now posted in Haddon Mirk, he will narrate if there is anything suspicious.
A few additional defenders are now posted on the city's inner walls.