A Treaty with Shienar

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A Treaty with Shienar

Post by Meren » Thu May 10, 2018 5:20 pm

Servants of the Empress, may she live forever,

On the 24th day of the month of Tammaz, year 1224, a delegation from the Morat'torm met with a delegation from the Shienaran Lancers. The treaty as discussed these past months was ratified, and agreed on. The terms are as follows.

1) All Seanchan army members will have their warrants removed. Any Lancers warranted at this point will have theirs removed.

2) Any Seanchan not directly affiliated with an army regiment must ask for warrant removal on a singular basis.

3) All Seanchan would be welcomed north, required to obey all laws of Shienar the same as anyone else.

4) Any Seanchan directly witnessed breaking a law will be immediately warranted and no longer welcomed in Shienar.

5) Any report of a Seanchan breaking the laws that was not witnessed by others will be investigated fully, with findings reported to their superior.

6) Any Seanchan army member who proves to be too much of a threat to our allies elsewhere will be addressed with the Seanchan army leadership.

7) In addition to this, members of any regiment will have to make their allegiance clear when travelling to Shienar, or further north. Just a cloak or sigil will not do.

Breaching the terms of the treaty will lead to punishment for members of our regiments, and banishment for those that are unaffiliated and claim our protection.

I speak on behalf of the Ever Victorious Army.

Lord Meren di'Aran Kafar
Morat'torm Forward Commander