A Formal Declaration of War against Amadicia

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A Formal Declaration of War against Amadicia

Post by Meren » Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:19 pm

Clerks mill about a busy war room, passing on reports, and taking others away. A weathered man in finery stands before a map table, listening to an advance scout, returned from the front.

"We have heard chatter from within the Two Rivers and Amadicia, sir. They are close to capitulating, a formal declaration of war and a renewed advance may push them over the edge."

The Commander stares down at the map table, eyeing two markers, one red, one white. "Very well, have the morat'to'raken drop missives across those lands. We are coming, and we expect them to Obey, Await, and Serve."

A quick gesture brings a clerk over. "We shall focus on Amadicia for now. They lack allies, help cannot come when we strike. Make our demands and expectations clear. The Corenne must not be denied."


To the Whitecloaks of Amadicia:-

  • Amadician village to be occupied by a Seanchan patrol and settlers.
    All Whitecloaks must swear the Oaths.
    A recruitment office is to be established within the Amadician village.
    Remove the lock function from the southern gate of Amador.
    Unconditional pardons for all soldiers of the Corenne, for six months.

Lord Meren di'Aran Kafar, Forward Commander