A Setback

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A Setback

Post by Meren » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:36 am

The war room is quiet and subdued. The commander sits in a leather armchair, his aides hesitant to approach.

Finally, he looks up, and begins to speak. "You would have me believe that a plague struck down the Morat'raken, Deathwatch, and the Imperial Army?"

A bold aide steps forward, "Yes Sir, every last one, shriveled...fortunately one of our recent raids captured a marath'damane skilled in healing. She is being brought to heel and will have them battle ready soon."

The commander stands up and stalks toward the map table. He gestures to an island in the Aryth, and a small marker on the coast of the Sea of Storms. "Very well, we have been forced to concede ground on Aile Jafar, and within our outpost in that miserable swamp. May they catch the same plague that so inflicted us."

Lord Meren di'Aran Kafar, Forward Commander