A New Direction

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A New Direction

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:21 am

Lokras stood waiting in the Vacoule, it was unlikely the trollocs would return from their task. The Sharan wilderness was treacherous and killing an Ayyad was a feat they were unlikely to accomplish. He would need to send another contingent if they failed in this task. His gateway to Mayene yielded little beyond a few slain bridgeguards and scouts. It was time to redirect their focus but first he needed an obsidian rod an Ayyad sometimes carried. The rod would extend his range in opening the gateway and bolster his strength to keep it open for longer periods. Maybe it was time to summon another fist of trollocs to the vacuole.

The gateway shimmered slightly, and a muffled snarling echoed in the Vacoule. Battered and bloodied a Dha’vol trolloc stepped through the gateway followed slowly by the rest of the fist. The lead trolloc held out a short rod of black stone. Lokras took the offering, staggering slightly as he struggled to control the surge of Saidin. The nearby gateway flared brightly and suddenly vanished with a loud *CRACK*.

Moridin strode in from the north. He spoke briskly in Lokras’ direction, “I see you found the angreal, it is time to put it to use.” Moridin glanced at the fist of trollocs standing nearby. He gestured in their direction, saying “Send them to Ghealdan and Murandy. They will find more targets than they did near Mayene.”

Lokras nodded and spoke quietly, “Master, the Ko’bal succeeded in their task as well.”

“Very well, tell your fade to allow their return passage to Thakan’dar”, Moridin said speaking as he turned walking back to the citadel.

Lokras clenched the black stone and focused intently. The air shimmered and a bright gateway opened to the plains of Altara.

Lokras portal is now moved to Altara and fade patrol tasks are updated for the region

Bonus QP zones are Ghealdan and Murandy. Trollocs will receive three additional qps for scalps turned in to Lokras from those regions.

Trolloc rogues can use the portal one way from Altara to Thakan’dar.

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Re: A New Direction

Post by Korsik » Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:24 pm

Quick clarification, reminder, and update;

The gateway to Mayene no longer exists and is now replaced with the gateway to Altara. This will be evaluated over the period of 2 months before being moved again. This is not a permanent fixture and aspects of the portal are subject to change depending on usage or lack of usage.

As a reminder, there are TP awards for both sides. Trollocs on completion of all tasks at the gateway, Humans on the death of the fade or dreadguard mobs.

The fade mob will narrate on DS when attacked. One of the DS tasks will trigger narrates on LS. Think of this like another version of the scout systems in the gap/blight.

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