To the Beasts and Minions of the Horde

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To the Beasts and Minions of the Horde

Post by Rig » Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:30 pm

I will be holding a class for Dark Side on September 1st from 9pm - 12am server time.

This is a class that will cover a variety of topics to learn about DS. Some of the topics will include:


DS Clans


Zone Knowledge


There will be many points in between these topics where I will allow and answer all questions. I recommend that if you also have a clanned DS to participate on, that you do so. My goal is to teach newbies, and even the more experienced players, about what "Dark Side" is and how to experience it in a positive way.

I also wish to provide the knowledge to be able to play Dark Side without feeling as if there is nothing at all to do.

This invite includes all players of the game if they wish to participate. If you would like to make it but do not have time, feel free to pm me and I am willing to work with you at a time that is suitable for the both of us.

Rig the Chosen

EDIT: I also strongly encourage LS players who have not liked or tried DS to join as well.