A challenge to the Great Lord's hordes..

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A challenge to the Great Lord's hordes..

Post by Razhak » Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:25 am

The myrddraal raised his head slightly as he hears a faint wail drifting towards him through the closed door of his chamber. He smirks, leans back in his chair and folds his pale hands before him. He waits..

The door is slammed open as two large boarheaded trollocs drag in an emaciated man, dressed in ragged clothing. As he sees the fade sitting in his chair, he starts to kick and scream louder, but to no avail. The two trollocs drag him towards the waiting half-man.

The myrddraal smiles widely at the terrified man as he places an armored boot on a large chest standing in front of him. Slowly he leans towards him, "so this.. thing, is the result of your labours.. manling?"

The man jumps at the hissing sound, "Ye-e-sss, Great Master. Please forgive me if it is found lacking.. I-I-I will do better next time!"

The fade brought his lips next to the man's left ear, "no, you won't. "

The man looked up in confusion only to see the myrddraal nod slightly to the two trollocs. They hooted with glee as they each took one of the man's feet and dragged him spitting and screaming, out of the myrddraal's chambers.

The myrddraal listenened to the howls slowly fading away in the distance, and bent down on one knee to pluck a broken fingernail from a gouge that the man raked into the wooden floor. He grinned, for he knew exactly what to do with this flawed contraption of his now. He called a black rat from the shadows into his cupped hands.

As he rose he whispered to the beast "go forth and call the clans to war.. for I have a challenge for them..."

He looked down on the large chest at his feet.

"...and with it a great reward!"

A 2 week challlenge is issued to all trolloc clans: the clan who makes the greatest impression on the Chosen will be issued a herb chest for the duration of one year. Send your logs to the Chosen mailbox for evaluation. Be creative: big kills, organised raids, city hits, etc: surprise and impress us!

The contest closes at midnight server time the 8th of december