New Rerols

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Treach » Mon May 11, 2020 9:36 pm

Riurk wrote:
Mon May 11, 2020 1:25 pm
There are plenty of mechanics that reward investment in the game - e.g., Master, Blademaster, remorts, rare gear, etc. These things also require actually playing the game, unlike stats, and are within the player's control rather than completely random, unlike stats.
If we think too many superstatted characters exist. Then apart from resetting everyone. I think another cool solution would be to make stats progressable. I always thought it was dumb that if you stat 15 strength, than you keep 15 strength no matter how much time you train and advance.

So do something like make a chit that drops randomly from smobs, and it gives you +1 to a random stat. So eventually with enough time and investment then everyone would be max stats. Could make it +1 random, or make it drop random with +1 strength, or +1 intelligence, can also make them tradeable or no-rent.

Homelands could still be a problem, with some having higher maxes than others... But I think the general idea is interesting.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Camille » Mon May 11, 2020 9:41 pm

There are people that would farm the mobs non-stop on a char that could, and farm them out to alts, so certain people would have them all, and some might trickle down to others

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Kordin » Tue May 12, 2020 3:27 am

Can go the "d20 way" and have every X levels reward 1 stat point along with prac points, as well as Imm loaded stat chits. Maybe even have Master status' (and others like Blademaster) also reward 1 stat point that players can add to any stat, or only certain stats. I.E. Blademaster would reward 1 STR point, unless it's at max then it's either DEX or CON.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by aang » Wed May 13, 2020 10:37 am

Doubt you'll see major changes to statting happen, so I think the most realistic option would be for the immortals to offer close to superstats from the prerolledstats. They're already pretty decent, but don't think it would matter much if you bumped them up some. Could be 19 11 11 18 19 warrior, 18 11 11 19 19 rogue, 19 11 11 19 18 hunter. Keep mentals low so people can stat for better if they want, but if they just want to get going they'll have a powerful character. If this is too much could also just be 2x18 1x 19 in physicals for hunter/rogue and a 19 17 19 for warriors. 18 19 18 rogue, 19 18 18 hunter. Warriors seem super easy to stat, so I imagine most people would just stat for something sick there, but gives people a super strong hunter/thief for those who don't want to stat for a month to get powerful stats.

As to rerolls, I think my favorite part was being able to switch setups even if I was maxstatted or improve on HPs (think Aang rerolled into 19 14 14 19 18 with around 356 hps for his 300s, so still some superstats but the HPs were so bad, so rerolls allowed for improvement to HPs). I have a couple chars that are 19 18 19 and what I liked about the rerolls is the option of swapping the stats around so I could pick 19 dex on one if I wanted to try to play dodge.

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