New Rerols

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Yeri » Fri May 01, 2020 5:22 pm

Yeah agree, especially when rerolls aren't even fulfilling their intended purpose - from everything posted, they look like they're just 20 random rolls. It's all well and good to talk about prioritizing playable stats, but the vast majority of the stats that are posted aren't playable and are considerably worse than even the pre-rolled stats. And that's not even talking about the fact that you lose a ton of rerolls (people are getting 10-15 total with stats way below max) so you're not even getting a full 20.

In other words, they're not crashing the game, but they're not working and they need some fixing.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Horror » Mon May 04, 2020 6:41 am

On a human warrior that was already Str:18 Int:18 Wil:13 Dex:19 Con:19.

# 1 - Str[15] Int[13] Wil[16] Dex[15] Con[16] Hps[343] Move[130]
# 2 - Not good enough...
# 3 - Str[14] Int[17] Wil[13] Dex[16] Con[19] Hps[398] Move[128]
# 4 - Not good enough...
# 5 - Str[15] Int[14] Wil[13] Dex[15] Con[16] Hps[350] Move[128]
# 6 - Not good enough...
# 7 - Str[14] Int[14] Wil[10] Dex[18] Con[16] Hps[337] Move[126]
# 8 - Not good enough...
# 9 - Str[19] Int[14] Wil[16] Dex[13] Con[16] Hps[348] Move[133]
#10 - Not good enough...
#11 - Str[15] Int[16] Wil[16] Dex[15] Con[13] Hps[248] Move[131]
#12 - Not good enough...
#13 - Str[15] Int[14] Wil[13] Dex[15] Con[16] Hps[336] Move[130]
#14 - Not good enough...
#15 - Str[15] Int[13] Wil[13] Dex[15] Con[19] Hps[404] Move[134]
#16 - Not good enough...
#17 - Str[15] Int[17] Wil[12] Dex[15] Con[19] Hps[406] Move[130]
#18 - Not good enough...
#19 - Str[19] Int[16] Wil[12] Dex[15] Con[15] Hps[312] Move[128]
#20 - Not good enough...

Unplayed alt i dont much care about. Certainly will wait to hear news before rerolling anyone else :D

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Grunark » Tue May 05, 2020 7:02 pm

Your base abilities are: Str:16 Int:8 Wil:11 Dex:18 Con:19. 394 hps

# 1 - Str[18] Int[10] Wil[11] Dex[15] Con[17] Hps[353] Move[221]
# 2 - Str[15] Int[ 9] Wil[ 9] Dex[17] Con[19] Hps[393] Move[224]
# 3 - Str[18] Int[ 5] Wil[12] Dex[18] Con[16] Hps[329] Move[217]
# 4 - Str[15] Int[ 9] Wil[11] Dex[17] Con[18] Hps[363] Move[221]
# 5 - Str[16] Int[10] Wil[ 9] Dex[17] Con[18] Hps[364] Move[224]
# 6 - Str[17] Int[11] Wil[11] Dex[19] Con[19] Hps[407] Move[226]
# 7 - Str[15] Int[ 9] Wil[10] Dex[19] Con[17] Hps[339] Move[213]
# 8 - Str[17] Int[ 9] Wil[ 9] Dex[16] Con[19] Hps[390] Move[222]
# 9 - Str[16] Int[10] Wil[ 8] Dex[15] Con[18] Hps[373] Move[223]
#10 - Not good enough...
#11 - Str[16] Int[ 8] Wil[10] Dex[17] Con[18] Hps[364] Move[220]
#12 - Str[13] Int[11] Wil[10] Dex[17] Con[19] Hps[403] Move[219]
#13 - Str[16] Int[ 9] Wil[ 8] Dex[18] Con[19] Hps[395] Move[223]
#14 - Str[16] Int[ 7] Wil[12] Dex[17] Con[17] Hps[351] Move[219]
#15 - Str[17] Int[10] Wil[11] Dex[14] Con[16] Hps[332] Move[214]
#16 - Not good enough...
#17 - Str[13] Int[ 8] Wil[11] Dex[19] Con[19] Hps[397] Move[218]
#18 - Str[15] Int[ 9] Wil[10] Dex[17] Con[18] Hps[365] Move[218]
#19 - Str[13] Int[11] Wil[11] Dex[17] Con[17] Hps[351] Move[221]
#20 - Str[16] Int[ 7] Wil[10] Dex[18] Con[19] Hps[408] Move[223]

Grateful for a strong improvement, but can't help but feel the majority of options were so terrible you shouldn't reroll now and hope another change comes in the future.

Also, wish I was wolfish. Essentially, all the troll options essentially allow the same mentals so you might as well be wolfish which allows 19 19 19 in the physicals thereby improving the likelihood you'll end up with a scenario where the 19s fall in the right spots scenario. In the spirit of that though - jesus, 2 18s, 3 17s out of 20 rerolls. I feel like I'm back in Tarabon.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Nash » Thu May 07, 2020 10:42 am

After much waiting

Hunter Str:19 Int:13 Wil:12 Dex:19 Con:17. 347 hps - wanted something I could abs with optionallly, just like better hps

# 1 - Str[16] Int[14] Wil[15] Dex[17] Con[15] Hps[319] Move[140]
# 2 - Str[15] Int[12] Wil[15] Dex[18] Con[18] Hps[375] Move[144]
# 3 - Str[18] Int[12] Wil[14] Dex[14] Con[19] Hps[399] Move[147] <-- very similar to pre-300 stats, used to be a 19 12 12 15 19 abs hunter
# 4 - Str[15] Int[15] Wil[14] Dex[16] Con[15] Hps[309] Move[139]
# 5 - Not good enough...
# 6 - Str[16] Int[15] Wil[14] Dex[18] Con[15] Hps[315] Move[145]
# 7 - Str[16] Int[16] Wil[12] Dex[17] Con[16] Hps[336] Move[140]
# 8 - Str[18] Int[12] Wil[13] Dex[19] Con[15] Hps[319] Move[139]
# 9 - Str[18] Int[13] Wil[14] Dex[17] Con[18] Hps[370] Move[143]
#10 - Str[14] Int[14] Wil[13] Dex[19] Con[14] Hps[282] Move[136]
#11 - Not good enough...
#12 - Str[17] Int[14] Wil[14] Dex[16] Con[16] Hps[345] Move[143]
#13 - Str[15] Int[12] Wil[15] Dex[17] Con[18] Hps[377] Move[146]
#14 - Str[19] Int[15] Wil[12] Dex[15] Con[16] Hps[337] Move[143]
#15 - Str[16] Int[14] Wil[13] Dex[14] Con[17] Hps[344] Move[146]
#16 - Not good enough...
#17 - Str[17] Int[15] Wil[14] Dex[17] Con[15] Hps[321] Move[144]
#18 - Str[16] Int[14] Wil[13] Dex[17] Con[17] Hps[349] Move[143]
#19 - Str[16] Int[12] Wil[15] Dex[19] Con[15] Hps[312] Move[144]
#20 - Str[17] Int[14] Wil[16] Dex[12] Con[18] Hps[359] Move[147]

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Mariko » Thu May 07, 2020 11:09 am

Kryyg wrote:
Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:49 pm
Problem with this is all current players already abused rerolls on their alts.

This new change only really affects newer or relatively newer players who are already at a disadvantage.

Stats should be the least important part of this game at this point in time and everyone should just be max stats for their respective class. Let game play, equipment, and other non-static things differentiate characters. This solves the statting issue and retaining new players. Just let them play.
hit nail on head

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Re: New Rerols

Post by isabel » Thu May 07, 2020 12:02 pm

kryyg thinks he's god and everyone (rest of wotmud) moulded themselves in his image.
Except he's not, and many of us chose not to cheat :P

I now realise that was stupid of us and we should have :roll:

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Maegon » Thu May 07, 2020 12:50 pm

I would not call using the reroll statsum increase mechanic abuse or cheating. Whether rerolls were intended to be used as such might be different, but it's not like this was some hidden "cheat" like being able to take infinite rerolls. There are still plenty of options available for a fix, and I'm sure the immortals will continue to look into this.

It would be really interesting if they could do a variable statsum increase based on your current statsum, so instead of the old reroll system that appeared to be the same regardless of statsum, you would get way more +3/+4 statsum rolls on your 19 10 9 17 19 ls hunter, but mainly get +0/+1 rerolls on your 18 14 13 18 19 ls hunter. There are obviously challenges, such as the statsum differences between a borderlands hunter vs Illian warrior/2r rogues vs all ds chars, not to mention the already max statted chars or max stats crashing the game, but that seemed to be the original idea for old chars vs just hitting max stats over the course of 10 years.

For now, it would be really nice if we could get an immortal post on announcements just saying that rerolls are currently broken for returning players.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by isabel » Thu May 07, 2020 1:05 pm

Agree that an announcement would be good. I don't think what you described is cheating either :lol:

I would have loved it if instead of reroll we could just do a +1 stat. Given that we tend to stat/go after the stats we want to play. So it would be a slight improvement.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Kryyg » Thu May 07, 2020 2:02 pm

isabel wrote:
Thu May 07, 2020 12:02 pm
kryyg thinks he's god and everyone (rest of wotmud) moulded themselves in his image.
Except he's not, and many of us chose not to cheat :P

I now realise that was stupid of us and we should have :roll:
Pfft. As usual Isabel misses the blatantly obvious and important point and focuses on the fluff. The second half of my post regarding stats should have been the take away. Stats becoming a thing of the past solves so many critical issues this game has, namely retaining NEW players.

You can reroll 21 21 21 21 21, I’ll still kill you all day every day.

I am god on this game!!! and yes, in the case of reroll abuse I do believe everyone abused rerolls. Whether you didn’t because you forgot to, didn’t know how to, screwed it up, or truly are “honest,” who knows? I don’t care and neither does anyone else. The main point is I don’t think stats should be a factor in today’s game. Reroll abuse was taught to me by someone else though (possibly by someone Isabel worships as god) so unfortunately I can’t take credit.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by isabel » Thu May 07, 2020 2:45 pm

Okay let's focus on your more important point though I don't see how some wotmud point is more important to you than a serious personality flaw like your god-complex...I would be calling the real doctors (although it's too late for you anyway!).

Are you saying that since everyone has perfect stats now we shouldn't be discussing/bothering with rerolls? (Though obviously they don't..look at my poor hunter master with hps worse than mangler!)

Or are you saying that imms should just let everyone have max-stats since stats don't affect player ability anyway?

Neither of those things make sense - the people posting on this thread are clearly players who don't have maxed out stats (either from legit ways like Maegon mentioned or non-legit ways like Kryyg-methods) and also look forward to rerolls or w/e for some small char improvements and so on. Like my master is stuck with crap hps so I'd be forced to play combo/dodge or pick stats worse than I originally statted (18 14 19 when I was 19 15 19 lol!) so the REAL question is...why are YOU commenting on this...

My guess would be god-complex!


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