New Rerols

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Kryyg » Thu May 07, 2020 7:11 pm

Well. No. The majority of people posting on this thread start with “alt I never play”

You seem to be the only one confused about my point, likely cause you are dense and inferior in every way mere mortal, but I am advocating for the complete removal of the importance of stats, despite the significant advantage it gives me against all your storage alts.

This is less fun arguing against someone who doesn’t know anything about me or wotmud!!

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Ominas » Thu May 07, 2020 7:27 pm

Don’t let him wind you up Isabel. He’s mostly just having a laugh. Sarcasm and playfulness doesn’t translate well over text.

But he’s correct as well. In some ways. Stats shouldn’t be a thought at this point in play. I personally don’t have hours to put into a character to get solid stats. The time I do have I would like to play.

I know it’s hard to change, maybe not even possible, and there have been things done to help it along and even improve it, in a way; but the statting system should have been far improved long ago. It’s been a constant issue for years.

I have a few characters that I’ve had in stand by for years waiting for rerolls so that I could play them competitively. Those characters are now worthless and won’t improve unfortunately.

Now that doesn’t mean I couldn’t make them work. Of course I could. Like most people I think.

But I imagine the issue with most who have posted, is that we have all had these characters waiting to roll to do whatever with and now that doesn’t seem possible. Which sucks. It is what it is.

I’m grateful either way for the work the staff puts in. We don’t always have to agree on everything.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by isabel » Thu May 07, 2020 8:29 pm

Ominas wrote:
Thu May 07, 2020 7:27 pm
Don’t let him wind you up Isabel.
Just to be clear, I don't -actually- think Kryyg has a god complex. But I don't think he's saying anything substantial when he says "take away the importance of stats". And it sounds contrary when combined with "stats aren't important anyway because I'll kill all your superstattedstorage alts with one glance at the caffeinated cat carousing on my keyboard". If he's saying "let everyone just pick a class and skip the entire statting process' he should say that specific thing so that imms can then say 'Coding. Locked. Haha. Bye" or w/e :P

God-complex is when a player decides you were morally wrong to prioritise answering the doorbell over making whoever at the door wait for 2 extra minutes while you spammed 100 rooms on text-game and the self-designated-God then gloriously punishes you for your moral transgression by killing you afk and then chastises you on forums.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Kryyg » Thu May 07, 2020 9:10 pm

Isabel and I were to have an arranged marriage but we were star crossed lovers.

My first post is pretty clear. This has nothing to do with me. Stats are not important.

Aren’t these reroll changes coding? I’m saying stop wasting time on the back end....

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Re: New Rerols

Post by isabel » Thu May 07, 2020 10:01 pm

Stop heartbreaking Jeskryyg fanclub with outlandish rumours!

But yes I agree. However, imms also spend 192839102 years making new new Tower rooms when there is inkyloot to fix, so I am amazed that you have prioritisation expectations.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Treach » Fri May 08, 2020 2:05 am

If stat inflation is a problem that imms spend coding time to change, than stats in general should be a problem.

Personally I think someone playing for years should be rewarded more than someone who runs a statting bot for two rivers rogue or illian warrior nonstop for weeks.

But in both scenarios it is newbie players who will be disadvantaged.

IMO the best fix is for each homeland to have different fixed stats and balanced with each other. Then reset everyone to the stats assigned to their homeland. Give away some chits during a global event so people playing can get a homeland change if needed.

Make the homeland stats something like 80 for ls and 70 for ds.

Yes you will get a whole bunch of people picking the same homeland. But you can always change title. And it gets rid of all the stupid statter bots, rerolled problems, and 90 statsum two rivers rogues etc.

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Re: New Rerols

Post by hasp » Fri May 08, 2020 11:40 am

Make all homelands like Seandar

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Erulisse » Fri May 08, 2020 6:18 pm

The idea that stat inflation is a problem is kind of insane. Someone who has held onto a character for 200 years gets slightly better stats? Who actually cares?

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Alekhine » Fri May 08, 2020 7:45 pm

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
You have 330(330) hit and 157(157) movement points.
You have scored 14144036 experience points and 0 quest points.
You need 355964 exp to reach the next level.
You have amassed 16 Turn points to date.
You have played 0 days and 15 hours (real time).
This ranks you as Alekhine of the Borderlands (Level 29).
You are standing.

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
You are a 200 year old male human hunter.
Your height is 6 feet, 1 inches, and you weigh 199.0 lbs.
You are carrying 0.0 lbs and wearing 90.5 lbs, fairly light.
Your base abilities are: Str:17 Int:14 Wil:12 Dex:19 Con:17.
Offensive bonus: 129, Dodging bonus: 80, Parrying bonus: 61
Your mood is: Wimpy. You will flee below: 330 Hit Points
Your armor absorbs about 63% on average.

You are subjected to the following effects:

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >
reroll display
WARNING: Now that this procedure is started is must be completed before you
disconnect, rent or quit. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity at
this time, you will lose the chance until your next 100th birthday.

Below will be displayed 20 rerolls, if you choose to take one of available
rerolls, you will need to type this command again followed by your selection.
If you choose to decline, you may either type 'reroll decline' or simply rent
or quit. You may redisplay the available rerolls by typing 'reroll display' at
any time before you rent or quit.

# 1 - Str[18] Int[12] Wil[14] Dex[18] Con[17] Hps[320] Move[145]
# 2 - Str[19] Int[ 9] Wil[12] Dex[18] Con[15] Hps[297] Move[146]
# 3 - Str[ 0] Int[ 0] Wil[ 0] Dex[ 0] Con[ 0] Hps[ 0] Move[ 0]
# 4 - Str[19] Int[12] Wil[16] Dex[17] Con[16] Hps[307] Move[144]
# 5 - Str[18] Int[12] Wil[12] Dex[19] Con[13] Hps[239] Move[139]
# 6 - Str[ 0] Int[ 0] Wil[ 0] Dex[ 0] Con[ 0] Hps[ 0] Move[ 0]
# 7 - Str[19] Int[14] Wil[11] Dex[15] Con[15] Hps[294] Move[147]
# 8 - Str[ 0] Int[ 0] Wil[ 0] Dex[ 0] Con[ 0] Hps[ 0] Move[ 0]
# 9 - Str[19] Int[14] Wil[14] Dex[14] Con[17] Hps[333] Move[143]
#10 - Str[18] Int[14] Wil[11] Dex[15] Con[15] Hps[297] Move[143]
#11 - Str[ 0] Int[ 0] Wil[ 0] Dex[ 0] Con[ 0] Hps[ 0] Move[ 0]
#12 - Str[18] Int[12] Wil[14] Dex[15] Con[19] Hps[365] Move[145]
#13 - Str[16] Int[15] Wil[11] Dex[17] Con[17] Hps[314] Move[141]
#14 - Str[ 0] Int[ 0] Wil[ 0] Dex[ 0] Con[ 0] Hps[ 0] Move[ 0]
#15 - Str[18] Int[12] Wil[15] Dex[16] Con[17] Hps[320] Move[146]
#16 - Str[19] Int[15] Wil[14] Dex[19] Con[13] Hps[242] Move[140]
#17 - Str[16] Int[11] Wil[16] Dex[18] Con[17] Hps[326] Move[144]
#18 - Str[18] Int[11] Wil[10] Dex[16] Con[18] Hps[342] Move[144]
#19 - Str[ 0] Int[ 0] Wil[ 0] Dex[ 0] Con[ 0] Hps[ 0] Move[ 0]
#20 - Str[17] Int[10] Wil[11] Dex[14] Con[18] Hps[333] Move[143]

* HP:Healthy MV:Fresh >

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Re: New Rerols

Post by Riurk » Mon May 11, 2020 1:25 pm

Tend to agree with Kryyg re: stats have outlived their purpose. And note - I am a primary beneficiary of the old system. Most of my characters have otherwise largely unattainable stats at this point.

IMO the right "fix" is to remove random stats. Replace them in some cases with new pracs to preserve the diversity between characters (e.g., make health a warrior practice), in others eliminate them (e.g., flee lag), and then readjust the practice sums. Forcing trade-offs in practices is interesting and makes characters unique and different. It can also be revised as players try out new play styles, as eq balance changes, etc. More of that, less of random, permanent stats.

Rerolls were originally intended to help old characters who had truly garbage stats that were unplayable by "modern" standards, not make everyone who plays for long enough get perfect stats. e.g., look at the old log of Mogg:
Your base abilities are: Str:15 Int:18 Wil:18 Dex:12 Con:11.
Lots of old characters were the same, and needed the boost to be playable.

There are plenty of mechanics that reward investment in the game - e.g., Master, Blademaster, remorts, rare gear, etc. These things also require actually playing the game, unlike stats, and are within the player's control rather than completely random, unlike stats.

The problem with the current system, like Kryyg said, is that most people have already benefited from the re-rolls as they were. This makes it harder / less attractive for new players to join the mud, which is the opposite of what the staff should optimize for at this point.

(Sidenote: the homeland system is also inscrutable for new players (even returning players) and should also be revised to be cosmetic only. "no handholding" shouldn't be an excuse for locking new players into garbage choices that will impact them for years to come, or require restarting from scratch when they figure it out.)

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