The purpose of this forum

... sit down, kick back and relax, and talk about anything that doesn't belong on one of the other forums.
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The purpose of this forum

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:45 pm


When we first got these forums up and running after the last forums crashed, we were much more strict on trimming out the negativity, personal attacks, and balance issues. Over time we have gotten lax and the issues requiring immortal time and intervention have increased progressively. As such, a few general reminders about the forums and this forum specifically:
  • This forum specifically exists as a place where players in our community can convene and talk about general topics, whether it be real-life issues, mud-related concepts, or anything between so long as it is appropriate for our community. Please remember to keep it civil, respect your fellow players, and always act as if you are a guest in someone else's house.
  • Please do not start balance-related threads. This includes starting conversations over what you want to see upped/downed, what smob you feel doesn't load well enough, what class you feel is overpowered, or anything similar. This is not a reincarnation of the "Balance Forum."
  • If and when an immortal starts a thread relating to balance, please attempt to post without negativity. If you have a complaint or issue relating to the issue, try to frame it in a way that does not lead to arguments or attacks amongst your fellow players. The intent of these threads is to get constructive feedback, not begin an argument or incite a flame-war.