Plea for Discord WoTMUD Guild Clan Icons

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Plea for Discord WoTMUD Guild Clan Icons

Post by Jomin » Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:42 pm

I've been hacking around in the last couple of days and I wanted to finish off a Discord RPC package for WoTMUD on Mudlet so that those using this Client can wear their main character's attributes (Side + Level) on their Profile in Discord (revealed by clicking on the hamburger icon after the activity (if any) line under their name in the player list or if their avatar is clicked next to their messages).

I have a set of large Light and Dark side + level icons ready (Austin has already uploaded most of them to the Discord guild, but some got missed. I am not sure whether I need to put together some Seanchan side ones or not.

What I need now are icons (ideally 1024x1024 .png; or .svg) for the various clans. So far I have ones for:
  • All the (non-Black) Ajahs
  • Novices
  • Accepted
  • Dhai Mon
  • Ghar Ghael
  • Ko Bal
Because the Small icons are, well, not large, in Discord they must be fairly simplistic to render well when they get scaled down (I suspect the one I have for the Ghar Ghael trollocs has too many skulls in the pile and I will have to reduce it to just three!)

So what I need are icons for the other (public) clans that the creator does not mind being used by people on Discord. That does actually cause some issues with icons that are available even for "free" on the Internet as they often require C.C. or other license "attribution" and it is not clear how on earth that can be given in this situation. Of course if people are willing to donate their own creations for this that will make things much simpler...

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