Newbie Guide: First Characters

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Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Mantorok » Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:30 pm

Let's face it, this game is a lot to take in for your very first character and figuring out exactly where to start before you have the ability to chat at level 2. So I wanna note a few things for any new players to help em along.

Step 1: Character creation

Here at WoTMUD, you roll stats at level 3 that determine your characters innate traits of Strength, Intelligence, Will, Dexterity and Constitution. At level 3 you can view these with the stat command, and choose to keep or start over at level 1 and try again with RESTAT. Personally I wouldn't worry too much at first, because you can always go for better on a new char once you get the hang of things.

If you don't feel like spending much time on character creation itself, then Human hunters, warriors and rogues can all pick prerolled stats. They aren't great, but are easily enough to get you going. Tell guardian Prerolled stats to get them. If you want to learn on a hunter or rogue, this is an excellent way to go about it and you can easily stat better once you get the hang of things. It should give you 17 10 12 17 17 stats for hunters and rogues as well as the warrior mentioned before.

I should mention the WHO command, which lets you see any players online for your faction. Anyone with a ~ next to their name is Immortals (staff) and can be talked to directly if they are visible with TELL or, if none are visible, PRAY.

From the Circle, you can go to the Weave and be taken to a variety of places all over the world based on your level, or the Eye of the World. The Eye of the world is our newbie zone that is specifically for people wanting to learn the game without fear of Playerkilling and the like. This is good, but if you want to stat in the larger world, and perhaps get more help as you are more accessible there, there are a few places great for starters.

Enter weave "placename" will do the trick, and there is a sign with available choices in the room 1 room down of where you start.

First off, Tell guardian kit will provide some basics to work with.

Caemlyn is the center of the world, and the zones south of the city is fantastic for statting. The preferred stuff to kill to stat is Deer, bucks, and of course the favorite leatherleaf saplings.

Emond's Field has a large supply of statting material found roughtly N and W of the main town itself.

Amador has a large statting field south of the city, but it can be dangerous to get there if you aren't familiar with the area.

Tear Road has plentiful statting trees and convenient access to them. Another good one.

In the Eye of the World, the saplings are found East and West of the town.

For your first character to learn the game in, it is strongly recommended you choose a Human Warrior, and preferably from Two Rivers or Amadicia so you get a quick roll of 18 - 19 for both Strength and Con. Then you're off to the real game experience!
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Re: Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Mantorok » Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:51 pm

I've had to reference this a lot in the last few days. Can we get a sticky?

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Re: Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Mantorok » Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:27 am

BUMPING for visibility for the newbies we've had lately

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Re: Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Alison » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:46 am

Expanding on player killing and what it entails might be a benefit here.

Good guide. Thanks.

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Re: Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Lyren » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:13 am

Feel free to go to for a PK guide.

Weir's Newbie Guide is still the best I've read. You can read it at: ... f=4&t=2358

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Re: Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Mantorok » Thu May 05, 2016 3:19 am

Naming Policy

While a Trolloc can get away with a silly or goofy name, Light and Seanchan characters need to have something fitting the Wheel of Time theme. Keep that in mind as you make your character, so you don't get invested in one that will end up being sent to the Silly Name Room.

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Re: Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Mantorok » Thu May 05, 2016 3:28 am

PK (Playkilling)

PvP combat is a large part of WoTMUD. Our factions are Light (Blue to crossrace), Dark (Red to crossrace) and Seanchan (Purple to crossrace) and you'll recognize them as enemies by the * around their names, even if you don't have the COLOR COMPLETE feature turned on.

It should be noted that WoTMUD pvp is unrestricted, and generally nowhere is 100% safe. To keep an ear out for PK on the MUD, keep an eye on the NARRATES (listen narr turns them on) so you'll get a heads up if anything is nearby. If you are around Emonds Field, a redwing will echo if a Seanchan is around, while a Blackbird will do the same if someone from the Dark is.

Aside from just appearing as a *color* the actual name that shows depends on level. A newbie will actually show up as *a male human newbie* etc and not respond to the Kill human command, so as to avoid accidental deaths should you find yourself near a pk. You will show up as that *male human newbie* up until level 10, when it then changes to show *male human* and DOES start to respond to kill human. Try to stay out of the way should you find yourself in PK, as most raiders will leave you alone if you aren't causing an issue. At level 20, you become fully named, and will show up as your actual character name to crossrace players in your room. As a side note, level 20 is also when you can change your title, to add a surname or whatever floats your boat.

If you do die, you have 20 tics (in game hours) to loot your gear or ask someone else to do it for you. As this is an unrestricted PvP game, don't be surprised if the enemy takes it. Don't fret over gear though, as it is easy to come by, especially if you ask for help.

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Re: Newbie Guide: First Characters

Post by Mantorok » Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:50 pm

But, what about the mage (channeler) class?

So you reaaaaally wanna play a channeler, huh? Well, here's some things to keep in mind about that:

1) Channelers can't use the PREROLLEDSTATS command to get basic stats.

2) Male Channelers -will- be hunted once you're found out.
-You might be asking what -can- male channelers do? Well they get access to all the weaves a female channeler has to clan to obtain. So that's cool. But your character will taint to hell (random commands when you enter commands, which can make the character unplayable) HOWEVER you can obtain taint protection if you find out about the darkfriend I hear. I'm not the guy to talk to about that.

3) Channeler stats:
A channeler should be looking for specific stats, with a rough base level of (for combo or dodge loadouts) 13 17 17 16 13, and the stat use is as follows:
-strength will make or break your warrior practices, since they're super expensive for channelers, and vary your parry/offensive bonus. Males get 3 per warrior prac, while females use 4, and also impacts hunter pracs
-Int will change your weave and hunter practices, allowing you to get better practices as needed for each
-wil will determine your overall spell points available
-dex is your rogue skill, changing your practices at the rogue prac and affecting your overall dodge ability. Note that channelers have, at most, a 18 dex cap
-con is your heath points, both regen levels and your ability to roll more hp as you level

3) There are a few recommended homelands to try for channelers if you are after a playable one (but maybe not necessarily some uber sick one)
Illian (cap 15 19 19 18 15)
Murandy (cap 16 18 19 18 14)
Tarabon (cap 16 18 19 18 14)

4) Where can I practice my weaves (spells) at?
-Female channelers unclanned (wilders) can practice in Whitebridge at Selaana (3w 2s of east gate) or Kerrigan (she wanders from Baerlon down to Emond's Field)
-Male channelers can practice at a few spots not everyone has access to, but your best bet is finding Mazrim Taim. (If someone can give exact locations he loads that'd be swell) He can be found in a few locations to check: Great Forest, South Misties (waterfall cave Northwest of Amador), Braem, and Meneril. Sorry, I don't know all the locations exactly so I'm hoping people can post the specifics on that one.

5) Each spell weave has a prerequisite element level needed
- Before you can practice a specific spell, you have to have the Fire/Water/Earth/Air/Spirit level to do it. In order to get the most out of your practices and not let any go to waste, get the minimum elements and check to see what you need for what, as well as if it's a Clanned only weave.

6) I finally statted a channeler! What's the best way to level up?
Barring insane luck, your channeler is probably going to have a lower end strength to deal with and the practices to get parry and weapon will be murder. My advice is to get Blind (1 earth, 1 fire, 1 spirit) and use that before you engage an enemy. It lowers their ob, db, pb and also makes it so it cant assist others of its kind like ancient trees. Also, chill (1 water) will lower ob/db/pb a bit and make it easier to hit/not get hit. Fear (2 spirit) can make it so some of the enemy attack rounds don't do anything. Armor (2 spirit) will give whoever it is casted upon an extra 10 db, which is nice for a bit of a defense boost. And lastly, ICE SPIKES are the big one in terms of offensive wilder weaves (males can get the fire weaves for the same effect) and cost (3 air 3 water) to cast. This will be most wilders bread and butter setup for exping and as their journey.

Or get someone to help you exp a bit, which also works well. But most importantly:

The overchannel command gives you a bit of extra weave ability, but can Still/Gentle you and cut you off from the Source forever. Just don't use it.

Portal stones load in a few locations and can give access to Evil Braem (Like a hidden bonus dungeon full of nasty monsters and smobs) but can also still/gentle you if you channel at them with too few sps available at the time. Keep on the look out for A COLUMN OF STONE STAND HERE COVERED IN ODD CARVINGS or AN ANCIENT STONE COLUMN STANDS BROKEN AND PARTIALLY BURIED IN THE GROUND.

Finally, while the HOLD WEAVE (number) command can be very useful, it drains your sps each tic (game clock time of 1 in game hour) and can Still/Gentle you if you let it keep draining you completely. BE CAREFUL.

(added 6/17)

So fair travelers, while channelers can be power houses and a lot of fun, remember to be careful. They can be a pain in the rear to stat, which is why we advise non-channelers for your first character here. I hope that for those who decide to go with channelers, that this guide helps you.

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