Which clan has which Watcher?

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Which clan has which Watcher?

Post by Elysia » Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:02 pm

List subject to change as Watchers report in, we reassign Watchers, or a Watcher reminds us of whatever I've forgotten.

Current Watcher Roster

Myrddraal, Dreadlords, all other clans: Vampa

Seanchan (All)
Ever Victorious Army - Bannon
Seanchan Imperial Guard - Bannon
Mandarb a'Shar - Ranam
White Leopards - Ranam
Damane - Ranam
Morat'Raken - Vehruer
Morat'Torm - Bannon
Deathwatch - Vehruer

Civil Watch: Siro
CoL: Siro
Defenders: Korsik
Dragonsworn: Bannon
Forrester: Kenria
Gleeman: Ranam
Hand of the Light: Siro
Illian Companion: Malunir
Illuminators: Cerys
Legion of Unity: Kenria
Queen's Guard: Ranam
Red Eagles: Elysia
Rising Sun: Vehruer
Saldaean Cavalry: Malunir
Shienaran Lancers: Elysia
Sword and Hand: Siro
Thiefbane: Ranam
Tower Guard: Malunir
Wall Guard: Korsik
Winged Guard: Korsik
Wisdoms: Bannon

White Tower
Hall of Sitters: Elysia
Blue Ajah: Elysia
Brown Ajah: Elysia
Gray Ajah: Elysia
Green Ajah: Elysia
Yellow Ajah: Elysia
Red Ajah: Elysia
White Ajah: Elysia
Gaidin, Novice, Accepted, Aes Sedai: Elysia

Any clans specifically not listed at this time, either you should not be listed on a public board or your clan Watcher is currently inactive. The same applies if your clan is listed but does not have a Watcher next to it.

IMPORTANT: If you know who your clan Watcher is, be sure you mail your Watcher and not someone else, even if you are trying to keep your Watcher from being overburdened. We appreciate the sentiment and intended TLC, but we're not interchangeable and we have internal policy to not touch each other's clans. However, if there are any serious, lingering issues that are not getting resolved in a reasonable timeframe, feel free to mail Staff and one of us will be in touch.

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Re: Which clan has which Watcher?

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Re: Which clan has which Watcher?

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