Powerful Weapons

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Powerful Weapons

Post by Rodger » Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:12 pm

Small contest for shopping spree contestants: Write a story showing your characters early life (model after Rand Al'thor getting the heron marked blade from his father). Use a craftable weapons only if you want to win! Winner to get the craftable from the story. Here is the list under rare weapons: https://wotmud.fandom.com/wiki/Crafting

Welcome to wotmud, hope you are enjoying yourselves!

Post your story as a reply here please. I'm not going to read any novels my attention span is like 2-3 paragraphs!

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Re: Powerful Weapons

Post by Delion » Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:18 pm

Delion was born in a gold-hilted hooked swords orchard, where he spent many a day collecting gold-hilted hooked swords. At some point, our historians are unclear, he became a Lord of Tear.

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Re: Powerful Weapons

Post by smackdown » Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:59 am

Big Wheel Turns....

Big Wheel Turns....

Smackdown awakes.




Smackdown gets club.

Smackdown gets hat.

Smackdown gets belt.

Smackdown goes on quest to find HAT OF KINGS.

Smackdown sees yellow eyes.

Smackdown hates yellow eyes.




Yellow eyes runs away.

Smackdown continues his quest for HAT OF KINGS.

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Re: Powerful Weapons

Post by Melat » Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:08 pm

It was a dark and stormy night in Illian. Melat was born the bastard child of Lansin al'Farath, a Defender officer who's only sense of protection was for the Stone and nothing else. Melat ran away from Illian because he couldn't stand being picked on by the "do be" brothers (a childhood memory for another time).

As he ran away, little Melat was hungry and cold. He only had some regular cakes with him that he stole from the orphanage, which is hidden beneath the Feathered Fan (for some reason). Suddenly, he saw some bees guarding some honeycombs with their life. If only he had some honey on his cakes, he yearned. He tried and got stung. He tried again. He was Battered. Then Beat. Then Critical. He was in awful condition.

Suddenly, an old hermit man hobbled by and cackled at the sight. "Here, use these to reach!" The old man laughed as he ripped off his two wooden legs and tossed them to Melat. The old man laughed and cackled as he rolled down the grassy hill into oblivion. Melat used the pair of long-handled poles to get the honey and put on his cakes. Honey cakes became a favorite of Melat forever.

To this day, the pair of long-handled poles sit under his bed. If only axes were attached to the end, then they could be a pair of long-handled war axes and honor the memory of the selfless old man. Who is probably a hermit. Or dead.

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