A Merchant on a Mission

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A Merchant on a Mission

Post by Florry » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:33 pm

I kinda went overboard when I wrote my Master Quest mail.

I'm by no means an great writer, but this was really fun to do. I wanted to post it earlier, but I also wanted to wait until I actually become a "Mistress" of Merchants.

Hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it.


As Chachin drew near, Florry breathed in a sigh of relief. She kept watching the shadows with keen interest since she had passed through the Plain of Lances earlier. She knew better than to allow complacency to take over in the Borderlands - Halfmen and worse lurked in the shadows, and even without them there were still brigands and bandits between Chachin and Maradon.

She rode through the barricade without issue, the Kandori Red Horsemen on duty recognizing her instantly. She offered them a smile as she passed by, tossing a small sack from her wagon to the Horsemans waiting hands. "A souvenir from Andor, I know you've got a promotion in sight." The horseman positively beamed as he cast his eyes over the ceremonial sword - though he quickly fell from sight as she road down the road. She heard his voice though, calling on the wind, "Thank you, Trader Tazanovni!

The Kandori Merchant's Guild greatdoor loomed before her, and she hopped from the sturdy long-eared mule that had fast earned her trust and reliance. A stablegirl ran up, taking the mule's reigns from her. "Please, wash him down and make sure he's well fed? I'll ensure a heavy Tar Valon mark will find it's way to you." The girl nodded, determined to give this mule the best scrub down it'll ever have. Florry reached into the back of the wagon, strapping a hide pack around her waist. She also slung a embroidered bag over her shoulder and grasped a delicate box in her hands.

She made her way into the bustling Guildhall, searching for the Grand Master. She nodded to Piste as she strode by, and called out to a few others she hadn't seen in some time - Ysidoriusz and Werf to name few more! They all eyed her curiously, wondering what in the box. The knowing smile she wore at her lips made them all the more curious as she approached the Grand Master. "Master Fyodorovni, I've returned from the southlands. The deal you brokered has been completed, may we retire so you can inspect the item?" With a grunt, Master Fyodorovni motioned behind her to the private room reserved for important clients.

When they were alone, Florry placed the box on the table in the center of the room and sat heavily onto one of the lavish chairs. "It took a lot to convince the man to part with the item. At first, the stubborn arse demanded upwards of seven thousand crowns for the item! Seven. Thousand!" She rolled her eyes, as she spoke. Fyodorovni picked the box up, and cracked it open. Inside the box was a jeweled wristcuff, sparkling in the light. It was crafted with dedication that only a master of their trade could produce.

"How much did it cost you, Florry? Surely you did not give the man the amount he asked for, did you?", spoke the Grand Master.

Florry smiled, and laughed. "No, never that! I had to grease some palms to find out what the mans weak points in trade. I found that he had a taste in antiques, and so I had one of my contacts reach out to a seafolk trader for a glass tiger. I hear the glass crafter on Tremalking is one of the best. I also had a porcelain vase that I had been waiting to sell - truth be told, I was going to sell it to a Tairen but this deal was more important. I paid an additional three thousand crowns for the item, after I hit his soft spot with the antiques."

The Grand Master nodded her approval, closing the box and setting it down. "This will do very nicely. Lord Agelmar's birthday is coming up soon, and we'll use this item to celebrate it. I'm sure he'll admire it, and then toss it into the vault. A man of practicality, Agelmar, but he does rule his people well." Florry nodded her agreement, thinking the wristcuff a perfect choice.

After a moment of silence, Florry spoke up with confidence "Grand Master, I have used all that you have taught me over the past few months. These lessons have served me well as a trader, and to great profit for the Merchant's Guild - and to extent, Kandor. I have spent many hours laboring in the name of the Merchant's Guild, roaming the lands from Bandar Eban all the way to the city of Mayene."

Master Fyodorovni watched the merchant infront of her as if she was appraising the value of an item.
Florry pushed on regardless, meeting the Grand Master's gaze, "I would like to request that I be considered to attain the title of Master Trader. I believe I have shown that I can haggle and merchant with the best of us." She stood after speaking, and offered a formal bow.

"Please consider this my official request for a promotion within the Guild."

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Re: A Merchant on a Mission

Post by Erulisse » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:09 pm

Excellent! Really enjoyed it!

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Re: A Merchant on a Mission

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Re: A Merchant on a Mission

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And another default winner.

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