Saniago Torres part 2: Symbols Deciphered and a Proclamation Made.

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Saniago Torres part 2: Symbols Deciphered and a Proclamation Made.

Post by Elysia » Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:19 am

Around late May 2019, Dhela was in need of a master quest and I figured to let her have a go at the portal stones symbols as a trial run. The idea was to keep these portal stones in as a permanent means of transportation and of course, they would have to be in prior to the global quest so people could learn how to use them and decipher which symbols took you where, and through that figure out which symbols to use during the global.

Dhela had some help from other Sisters and their work revealed some mobol problems, which were subsequently fixed.

Around August, the first Asha'man mobs began to appear, only to quickly disappear when someone came across them. Dragonsworn scouts quickly joined them at the portal stones.

Then, around mid-September, posters were plastered to all cities' gates:

Citizens of ...,

This city is claimed for the Light in the name of Lord Saniago Torres, the
Dragon Reborn. If the rulers of the city swear fealty to the Dragon Reborn,
you will be able to continue your common lives until the Last Battle comes.
However, should your rulers dismiss this outstretched hand, I will bring my
armies to your gate and conquer your city by force.
It is imperative that all cities and worlds unite to face the Shadow in the
Last Battle. You are either with me or against me.
Post your swearing of allegiance for all to see and my Asha'man will relay
this to me. You have ten days.
Saniago Torres,
the Dragon Reborn
Lord of the Morning
He Who Comes With the Dawn
the Car'a'carn
the Emperor
the Coramoor

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