Saniago Torres part 8: In the Black Tower.

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Saniago Torres part 8: In the Black Tower.

Post by Elysia » Sun Jan 05, 2020 3:39 pm

Copied from Announcements:

Disclaimer: as there were no Illian Companions, and more specifically the Council members on, I could no go on with the planned event, but had to scrape something together at the last minute. Which wasn't ideal in terms of storyline, nor loads, nor how it worked out in general, but hey, that's why I have back up ideas to still fit the storyline, although perhaps in a different order than originally planned.


Saniago Torres seemed in a pleasant mood, humming quietly to himself as he strode through the halls of the Black Tower, his hands clasped behind his back. His retinue shuffled quietly behind him, not daring to upset the Lord Dragon's good mood.

Saniago walked past the archway to the Traitor's Court and smiled. Letting that Aes Sedai escape to create chaos in the other world had worked very well. His asha'man had reported on her actions since and they had certainly been divisive. If that was not enough to improve his day, the forces of that world had slaughtered Cold Rocks Hold, ensuring the Aiel would never join forces with the wetlanders against him. Even if his Aiel had not conquered the other world's Aiel, those Aiel not facing him on the field of battle would be a great boon. It might even ensure his victory. Especially now his more immediate plans involved striking nearer to the Dragonwall. This was a fine day, indeed.

Behind the Dragon Reborn, Siuan Sanche's eyes quietly stabbed daggers at Torres' back. The man moved entire peoples like pawns on a chessboard, never mind the cost in human lives. There was doing what needs to be done and being a cruel savage. Was he going insane? If only she could warn those poor people of the other plans, but she was watched as closely as a novice on a feastday. Siuan sighed and did what she had been doing for years now: she bided her time.

As people were killing Torres' Aiel (which were new mobs) along with Aiel that are native to Cold Rocks Hold, the Aiel would not be fighting along LS in further events.

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