Bracelet or Collar, its Still a Leash

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Bracelet or Collar, its Still a Leash

Post by rei » Sat Feb 15, 2020 2:44 pm

A small village in Murandy
Villagers stare in shock at the riders streaming through their dirt streets. Men wearing insectoid helms, clad in lacquered armor of red and the darkest green, vidulently scanning all around, their armored stallions baring their teath in aggression.
Amongst the soldiers ride women, both those mounted and those walking beside horses. Those on foot, appear to have what appears to be some type of a leash, made of a silvery metal, connecting their neck, to the wrist of those mounted.
In short order, all of the women of the village were herded, none so gently, to the well, girls barely off their mother's skirts, and gray haird grandmothers alike. Gaze flitting all around, Rei, a lanky village girl stood pressed between two elder women, peering outwards at the chaos.

In what seamed like only seconds, the women, wearing blue dresses bearing red and silver lightning bolts, were pulling Rei forward.
"it's your turn girl", one drawled.
Next to Rei, one of her friends, Kari, was sprawled in the dirt, screaming and kicking her feet, tears making tracks through her grime streaked cheaks.
She had a silver collar closed around her neck, and she kept pulling at it, screaming, no, no, no, please, take this thing off me, oh, it hurts.
One of the, Sul'dam, grinned, hollaring to her fellows, "I've got another marath damane!"

One of the women roughly grabbed Rei's chin, forced it up, and with a snap, fascened a similar collar around her neck.
"Well, girl, what do you feel," snarled the Sul'dam, a silver bracelet connecting her wrist to Rei's neck.

Terror flashed in Rei's eyes, she was confused, scared, and all she could think about was Kari's screams.

With a grimace, the sul'dam grasped Rei's neck, in fright, Rei pulled back, thinking the crazy woman meant to strangle her.
Click, the woman stepped back, holding the open collar in her hands.
"Oh, light, thank you light, whatever this is, they don't want me," thought Rei, starting to pant aloud.
She began to back away, eyes franticly darting around, wondering where it was safe.
"girl, stand still, I'm not through yet," barked the Sul'dam, as she snapped the collar closed.
Sul'dam Trina, please lend me your new pet," said the woman before Rei, to the one causing Kari so much pain.

Oddly, Sul'dam Trina then removed the bracelet from her own wrist, and offered it to Rei, "well, they tell us we have to do both tests, but this on, and be quick about it".
Cautiously, with trembling fingers, Rei accepted the cold bracelet, staring into Kari's terrified eyes...closed her eyes, and, snap, fascened it around her wrist.

In shock, Rei jerked back, accidentally dragging Kari with her, forgetting they were now connected by the strange leash.
Something was wrong, she felt, something, there was something, no someone was inside of her mind.
Both of the sul'dam before her, stared in utter surprise, mouths hanging wide open.
"Girl, if you don't wish us to slaughter your entire family, you will immediately picture the worst switching your mother ever gave you, and murge that thought, with what you now feel in your mind," eagerly whispered one of the sul'dam.
Startled, Rei promptly did as commanded, the switching was the worst she ever received, it was when her mother caught her, on her knees in the stable...
Her memory jerked to a hault, by the sound of Kari, her friend, flailing and screaming at her feat, as if someone was switching her within an inch of her life...

In horrer Rei scrabbled to rip the bracelet off, "Kari, Kari, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!"

Beaming with excitement, the Sul'dam's entire attitudes changed, welcoming Rei as if she were a long lost sister, praising her, and telling her of the honor to be found in her new status, as one who can leash marath damane. Before fainting, the sound of Kari's screams were the last thing Rei heard, echoing through her mind.

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Re: Bracelet or Collar, its Still a Leash

Post by Aloisa » Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:11 pm

Barbarous. The Seanchan must be driven out, and those forced to serve them must be freed. These women who call themselves sul'dam will be tried by the Tower for abusing the One Power.


Re: Bracelet or Collar, its Still a Leash

Post by Tegg » Tue Feb 25, 2020 6:01 pm

You know... I think these collars might be a nice fashion statement.

Kind of like braid tugging.

Excellent option. Thanks fishy folks.

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Re: Bracelet or Collar, its Still a Leash

Post by Delion » Tue Feb 25, 2020 10:28 pm

This was a great and really quite traumatic read. :D

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