A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

Post by elodie » Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:53 pm

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Her head hurt.

Lying in the darkness covered in blood and soil, Elodie could hardly form a coherent thought. She could hear the rough laughter of drunken men nearby. The sound made her cringe internally. How long had it been?

She had thought she would spend the rest of her life in that light forsaken place. For a tower so white, the bowels couldn’t be any darker. She had slaved away, forced to wear that stained white dress, every day for over thirty years. She had scrubbed more pots and floors than she could count, and had trained as hard as she could with the One Power. She had done everything they had asked of her, she had given everything.

The laughter coming from the fire abruptly stopped and a harsh voice she couldn't comprehend interrupted her thoughts. She heard the sound of moment and sensed the men coming closer. The pounding in her head ceased as she reached out for the embrace she knew wouldn’t be there. As she connected with the ever flowing current of Saidar her senses sharpened and dulled at the same moment. She could feel the intense pain everywhere in her body, and yet if felt like someone else was feeling the pain. After weeks of being drugged and unable to reach the source, Saidar felt like salvation. Through her enhanced senses she felt a large boot crunch on the soft torn grass near her middle. The impact of the hard leather against her unprotected stomach left her breathless.

The harsh laughter of the men around her brought her mind back to a moment long ago.

Armored men standing around her with cloaks bearing a white flame, her white dress stained with her own blood. She had been young then, innocent. The men grabbing the hem of her white dress had made her very angry, however she had always been one in control of her emotions. Snuffing out her anger she had reached for Saidar and lashed out with flows of air. The men quickly retreated and reached for their noses trying to stop the rush of blood suddenly flowing. She was standing over the men, a nimbus of Saidar, when the Sister found her.

Coming back to the moment the third oath beaten into her rang through her head, “Never to use the One Power as a weapon…” Her eyes snapped open as she felt the man’s hands grazing the side of her neck. A quick glimpse of the golden sunburst on his chest and she suddenly felt relief that she would never take that oath. With the One Power raging through her she unleashed weaves of Air and Fire blinding the man over her. As she weaved she rolled over and narrowly avoided a second kick.

Jumping to her feet Elodie made a quick assessment of her surroundings. Having been captured shortly after being released from the farm it had been days since she had seen anything but darkness. The fools had removed her blindfold when they removed the rest of her clothing. She did not know why the forkroot had worn off, but now was not the time to waste her good fortune. Quickly, Elodie, wove together thick flows of earth to shake the ground.

In rapid succession Elodie formed tight flows of Air and water, launching spikes of solid ice into the group of men. She paid no attention to where she was aiming, she simply let them fly. If she was going to die, she was taking as many of these men with her.

As she began to tire a great ball of fire roared to life from somewhere above her. She briefly registered that another was channeling. However, her senses were telling her it was coming from above. This made no sense as there was nothing but open sky above her. She could not maintain her focus on that for long, as a tall man bearing a long curved blade came into view. She wove flows of Air and Fire to blind this new threat, and just as the weave settled into place. Elodie felt something solid slide between herself and saidar.

As she turned to run, a bright flash of fire burnt the man in front of her to cinders and illuminated the sky around. A large form was flying through the sky.
In a panic, Elodie feels saidar being woven behind her. A sudden blow to her head leaves the world dark.


A sharp click and a new sensation pulls Elodie back from the darkness….