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Recounts of the Brotherhood

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 5:52 pm
by Tandie
You find an interesting parchment tacked to a public wall of your locality.

Greetings to you,

The Brotherhood of the Sword & Hand is seeking out old logs, stories and recounts of the Brotherhood that may have been lost to us. I will personally be offering from 300gc to 500gc per each new, unique log/story/recount that can be provided to me, and should a log be of exceptional value, then I will gladly double to triple that reward (at my discretion).

Collections of lesser value are welcome as well, including possible duplicates. I will reward for these too (albeit at my discretion).

Please mail me your collections, or post them here (in the Recounts of the Brotherhood roleplay thread).

Sword & Hand

Re: Recounts of the Brotherhood

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 8:25 pm
by Tandie
Here is the current roster for the Sword & Hand, for in-case it is helpful for gathering the collections:

Active Swordbrothers:
Roran, Metzger, Yurius, Willshaw, Tandie, Thomaso, Tiberius, Kelser, Llewlyn, Varn, Tamira, Orino

Inactive Swordbrothers:
Hod, Dracon, Hynd, Jawyr, Daron, Bronx, Yrsla, Paddic, Nesuam, Joan, Macatar Kavir, Bart, Beragon

Former Swordbrothers:
Kull, Grishnakh, Dertan, Artaxerxes (formerly Gid), Pyne, Traemarr, Abercom, Corbyn, Hectate, Mnemosyne, Rayn, Coradrin, Dalech, Doremandarb, Jakra, Jeik, Mythras, Settar, Tariel

Note: "Inactive" refers to all Swordbrothers who are rank 0. The "Former Swordbrothers" list is everyone who is not currently either active or rank 0 in the Sword & Hand, yet who at one point was an active member of the organization. The latter list is possibly incomplete.

I read several minor references to Swordbrothers in Halfhand's CoL PK log dump. I plan to review those logs and hope to be able to use those references to write some recounts of Swordbrother RP and positions during those log periods. Thanks Halfhand! I will mail you when I am done reviewing the logs!