A new sidetrade: gem mining.

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A new sidetrade: gem mining.

Post by Elysia » Fri May 22, 2020 3:48 pm

When the rare crafting requiring the use of angreal was implemented, there were members from several clans who rightfully pointed out that their roleplay forbade them to make use of the weapon crafters who required the turn in of angreal. Back then, there were already plans to replace the angreal with gemstones. This project sat gathering dust for some time, until I dusted it off.

This is a multi-stage sidetrade, a bit like smelting.
  • There are two prospectors out and about, in the west and in the north-east near or in some tunnels, who can HELP you regarding the ins and outs of this sidetrade. This is a guild and you will have to pay to gain entry to the guild.
  • There are deposits of sediment scattered across the land. Often in or surrounding river or stream beds. Two are underground, instead. These will deplete and reappear on repop.
  • There are piles of stones by various rivers, where one can sieve/ wash what you mined. This part does not require guild membership.
  • There are gemcutters in Dark Fort, Far Madding and Seandar, who will also HELP you. For a fee of either 10 or 20 gcs will cut your raw emerald/ ruby/ sapphire/ diamond into either a small OR large emerald/ ruby/ sapphire/ diamond. You can sell the small stones. The large ones will be used for crafting rares.
  • There are gemologist jewelers in Dark Fort, Far Madding and Seandar, again responding to HELP, who will buy the small sparkling emerald/ ruby/ sapphire/ diamonds off you. Note that these gemologists do not load cash, so killing them will be useless, but they do have a limited supply per repop.
  • There is a gem broker in Lugard Market Hall who will trade for the large sparkling emerald/ ruby/ sapphire/ diamond.
---For now, you can still use angreal for the rare crafting. In a few weeks' time, I will switch over the rare crafting to the new large sparkling gemstones. This will allow you to make use of any bought items of the power and allow players to mine for the new items.---

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