Talem and the Dragon

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Talem and the Dragon

Post by Talem » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:38 pm

Inside the manor, a mammoth desk stands in the center of a room with a stained glass window framing the upper reaches of the furthest wall. Heavy book shelves stand sentry along each wall, their sides lined with pigeonholes for scrolls and maps. A large world map is unrolled on the desktop, held in place with candlesticks.

Talem mused over the words of his brethren while he sat on a few stack of books with his stout longbow at his feet. They do not serve this dragon. They find him a false dragon. We said he needed to share more evidence. He was mean to Lord Dartes and threatened him. But Lord Dartes is a good man. He serves the Light. I should trust him. He has a plan. Do I follow Lord Dartes or this proclaimed Dragon Reborn? 

Talem studied his plate of yellow peppers and pork and began to speak. “We have seen him. This Torres. The Amyrlin served him. He united the evil deer to be docile. The Seanchan were shown his marks. He proclaimed he has Callandor, but where is it? He didn’t show us, did he? He told us to wait and trust him. Trust. Faith? What faith? To serve a false dragon again like Bardomir?!” Talem stabbed a pepper with his dagger and chewed hard. “Why is he being so stubborn? Why will he not visit us in THIS world?! Why?!”

Talem looked up from his plate and into the eyes of Masema Dagar, the Prophet of the Dragon. A man of average size with a clean shaven head that once bore the topknot of a Shienaran warrior. Bearing his teeth, a pale triangular scar sits on his dark check, just below a pair of deep-set, scowling eyes.

Staring back at Masema, Talem took another bite of the pepper and locked eyes without blinking. After a moment, Talem wrinkled his nose and turned his head away. “What do you know? You haven’t said anything about what is happening. Give me something about this Torres!” Pieces of food spittled out of Talem’s mouth as he spoke as he quickly placed a morsel of pork inside his cheeks.

Masema clenched his teeth and replied.

“Those known to serve the Dark cannot become the Dragon Reborn, much like those who have lost their mind.”

Talem mused and chewed. Does Torres serve the Light or the Dark? Is he a madman or cleansed?

Masema continued to speak. “We must continue to convince the Nations that we are friends of the Light and do good by each of them. We need as many allies as we can muster for the Final Battle.”

“But Masema, this Torres has come to unite us for the Light! For the Final Battle! Is he not a Dragon Reborn, even if he’s from another place? We must follow the Dragon Reborn, no matter what form or world he is in. He continues to be respun over and over until the right time. But who am I to know the mysteries of the Creator…the True Source. I am not like the channelers.” Talem glances over to another man in the room and sighed.

With an out stretched arm and eyes shut, Talem reached out to feel something. Anything. But as always, he came back empty.

Nothing. Just silence.

He tried again. And again. And again. No matter how hard he tried, the same result happened.

Anger manifested on Talem’s face as he placed the plate of food on the floor and stood up.

"I cannot feel. I cannot see. I Cant even hunt very well!"

Talem's eyes flashed a cold resolve.

"So I'll prepare for the Final Battle. But ... my bretheren are abandoning their oath to serve and I am conflicted, Masema! I ... don't know what to do. Please just speak to me. PLEASE! I WANT ANSWERS! WHICH DRAGON IS TRUE?!"

Talem sat back down and hugged his longbow to his chest.

And Talem wept.

Masema stared back at Talem with a sigh. He closed his eyes and began another meditation. He had nothing more to say.