Weaves Release numbers??

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Weaves Release numbers??

Post by Lisennet » Sun Jun 21, 2020 10:35 am

The weaves you have maintained are:

1. Lisennet tied LIGHT BALL
2. Lisennet tied ARMOR

* R HP:Healthy SP:Strong MV:Weary >

The day has begun.
Tic length updated to: 61.487 seconds.

You feel the flows of saidar coursing through your body.

* R HP:Healthy SP:Strong MV:Winded >
weaves release 1
You suddenly feel less protected. Starting tic timer.

* R HP:Healthy SP:Strong MV:Winded >
get lantern pack
You get a mirrored lantern from an embroidered, cotton shoulder bag.

* R HP:Healthy SP:Strong MV:Winded >
hold lantern
You hold a mirrored lantern above your head.

It released my Armor weave, even though I was trying to release the Lightball weave.
I missed that message about my armor and ran into Tear with a light ball. Sorry Defenders!! :shock:

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Re: Weaves Release numbers??

Post by Dartes » Sun Jun 21, 2020 5:27 pm

Yeah, this has always been a bit buggy when done in that order.

"Release weave x" is what I'd use.

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Re: Weaves Release numbers??

Post by Ominas » Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:31 am

I see you Dartes

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