The Tale of the Pisscloaks

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The Tale of the Pisscloaks

Post by Ragnus » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:54 pm

People of the North,

I will share with you a tale. This tale is of the greed and cowardliness of the Pisscloaks. It was not long ago I was riding along the Tear road when I noticed some men laying attack to the Defenders of Tear. This was nothing new to me as I see battle upon the Defenders consistently. I did recognize these men having seen them stay in the city of Amador flashing their bright cloaks often. Unfortunately, as you may recognize, these men are full of lust and greed for precious items, territory, and the sheer joy of bullying as they declare war on all nations frequently. Now I would not pay as much attention to these men as they fear any real fight, but these men demonstrated how they do not fight for the Light. On this same day, I noticed them on Tear road, an alarm sounded in Mayene and a battle cry from Elissa that a horde of shadowspawn were laying siege to the city. It was at this moment these cowardly men rode past me and I could smell and see the piss dripping down their chainmail and cloak. In the name of the Light these men quickly rode westward and back home to their lands and city of Amador. I am stunned their stench did not attract the Horde of shadowspawn themselves. It was in this moment I rallied the shocktroops and took the Illian Companions to the city of Mayene to lay waste to these foul demons. It was a grueling fight and a glorious victory. The city was saved and the Light was victorious. We thank Voss for his hospitality thereafter. In the name of the Light, I feel compelled to inform the good people of the north of the cowardly actions of these Pisscloaks. Their declarations of war on many nations and lands should have been fair warning of their greed. They lust for human war and pillaging of villages and cities. Fear not these Pisscloaks as they only pose a threat for a nation when they sleep. When the time comes and the shadow returns, know this! They would piddle themselves twelve times over and ride saturated in their own urine than defend any nation vs the shadow. They would cower in Amador making veiled threats of darkfriends and channelers than try to secure unity between nations. Let it be known that brother Ragnus and the Illian Companions will lead the Light to victory and that the Pisscloaks are nothing more than cowards demonstrated by their actions and dripping stench.

For Illian and the Golden Bees!
Brother Ragnus